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*The Hearst Castle, Ladbroke Grove, W10
*The Hearst Castle, Ladbroke Grove, W10
*Sporting Club Square, W6
*Sporting Club Square, W6
==Characters Mentioned In The Gazetteer==
* [[Shakey Mo Collier]] - as 'Moses Collier'
* [[Frank Cornelius]] - as 'Sir Frank Cornelius'
* [[Mrs Honoria Cornelius]]
* [[The Deep Fix_(band)|The Deep Fix]]
* [[Jean-Luc Fromental]]
* [[Una Persson]]
* [[Max Peters]]
* [[Desmond Reid]]
* [[Dick Turpin]]
* [[Zenith the Albino]] - as 'Monsieur Zodiac'
[[Category:Lists‏‎|Gazetteer]][[Category:Uncollected Works‏‎|Gazetteer]]
[[Category:Lists‏‎|Gazetteer]][[Category:Uncollected Works‏‎|Gazetteer]]

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The Gazetteer of Disappearances and Deletions is a series of short pieces by Michael Moorcock and Sarah Wise (with others) written for the anthology London: City of Disappearances edited by Iain Sinclair. Each entry in the Gazetteer features a part of London supposedly now lost.

Publishing History

  • London: City of Disappearances, Hamish Hamilton, ISBN: 978-0-241-14299-8, 2006 [Hardcover]
  • London: City of Disappearances, Penguin, ISBN: 978-0-141-01948-2, 2007 [Trade Paperback]
  • London: City of Disappearances, Penguin, ISBN: 978-0-241-96485-9, 2012 [Paperback]

Individual Pieces by Michael Moorcock

  • Nightmore Street, WC1
  • Golden Place, WC2
  • The Venue Underground, Little Monmouth Street, WC1
  • The French Bookshop, Charing Cross Road, WC1
  • The Porchester Tower, West Bourne Grove, W11
  • The Zodiac House, Ormington Place, SW1
  • Derry & Toms Roof Garden, W8
  • Livesey Walk, Brookgate, EC1
  • Coveney's Yard, EC3
  • The Old Moon & Stars, Foxes Row, E3
  • Callahan's, Whitechapel High Street, E3
  • Marriages Wharf, E6
  • Tripcock Flats, SE28
  • The Terminal Café, Brixton, SW18
  • Camberwell Coliseum, High Street, SE12
  • Turner's Cottages, Streatham, SW16
  • The Noah's Ark, London Road, Norbury, SW16
  • The Old Mill, Tufnell Hill, NW5
  • Covent of the Poor Clares, Ladbroke Grove, W11
  • The Alhambra, Colville Terrace, W11
  • The Hearst Castle, Ladbroke Grove, W10
  • Sporting Club Square, W6

Characters Mentioned In The Gazetteer