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In The Blood Red Game, created by the Originators, it is finite and every universe is inhabited by only one species. In this early version of the Multiverse time is linear rather than simultaneous.

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Mike Says

  • "Speaking of which I was just reading how Balzac had a breakthrough when writing Pere Goriot and realised he could link one book to another through the same characters. I had almost exactly the same sense of things when I was beginning A Cure for Cancer and realised it was really another Jerry Cornelius story, which was how I began seriously linking the various stories and sequences into one, using the same characters to carry a theme from one book to another."[1]
  • "Multiverse was first proposed in Blood Red Game (aka The Sundered Worlds) in Science Fiction Adventures in, I think, 1962. I had the good luck to make a number of predictions or guesses in that book which later proved to have some scientific basis! Oppenheimer, in my view, was more an apocalyptic poet than a regular physicist and these days poetry and physics often seem to intersect. Making poetic images literal is to some extent what science fiction -- or the kind I like anway -- does."[2]