The Pleasure Garden of Felipe Sagittarius

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Publishing History

First version

Protagonist is Minos Aquilinas

  • New Worlds # 154, Sept 1965
  • The Deep Fix, Compact, 1966
  • Best Stories from New Worlds II, ed. Michael Moorcock, Panther, 1968
  • The Time Dweller, Rupert Hart-Davis, 1969
  • The New Tomorrows, ed. Norman Spinrad, Belmont, 1971
  • Modern Science Fiction, ed. Norman Spinrad, Anchor Press, 1974

Second version

Protagonist is Minos von Bek

  • The Saga of the Eternal Champion Vol 1: Von Bek, Millennium, 1992, (hc/tp), 1995 (pb)
  • Von Bek, White Wolf, 1995, (hc), 1996, (tp)

Third version

Protagonist is Sam Begg