The Quest for Tanelorn

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The Quest for Tanelorn is the third novel in the The Chronicles of Castle Brass series by Michael Moorcock and features Duke Dorian Hawkmoon. It is a sequel to The Champion of Garathorm and also serves as one of three simultaneous conclusions to the overall Eternal Champion series.[1] It was originally published in the United Kingdom by Mayflower Science Fiction.

The middle section of the novel, 'Sailing Between the Worlds: Sailing for Tanelorn', is recounted later from Elric's point of view in The Sailor on the Seas of Fate.

Publishing History (UK)

  • Mass Market Paperback, Mayflower, 140pp., ISBN: 0-583-12200-0, 1975, Cover by Bob Haberfield[2]
  • Mass Market Paperback, Mayflower, 140pp., ISBN: 0-583-12200-0, 1976, Cover by Bob Haberfield[3]
  • Mass Market Paperback, Granada, 140pp., ISBN: 0-583-12200-0, 1980, Cover by Bob Haberfield
  • Mass Market Paperback, Grafton, 160pp., ISBN: 0-586-20533-0, 3 Nov 1988, Cover by Paul Damon
  • ebook, SF Gateway, ISBN: 978-0575092518, 19 Dec 2013

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Omnibus Publication

Publishing History (US)

  • Mass Market Paperback, Dell, ISBN: 0-440-17193-8, 1976, Cover by Richard Courtney
  • Mass Market Paperback, Dell, ISBN: 0-440-17193-8, April 1981, Cover by Ezra Tucker
  • Mass Market Paperback, Berkley, ISBN: 0-425-07707-1, Jun 1985, Cover by Robert Gould
  • Mass Market Paperback, Ace, ISBN: 0-441-69712-7, Sept 1987, Cover by Robert Gould

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Omnibus Publication


The Seven Riders who meet Hawkmoon and Jhary-a-Conel are:

The various incarnations of the Eternal Champion

The Quest for Tanelorn was, as of the time of first publication, only the second meeting between incarnations of the Eternal Champion, after Corum met first Elric and then Erekosë in The King of Swords. In "Quest" the three of them reunite again, and are now joined by Hawkmoon.

This is the first meeting of the incarnations by the perspectives of Hawkmoon, Elric and (apparently) Erekosë, but not from Corum's.

In "The Quest for Tanelorn", Corum clearly remembers the events of "The King of Swords" and is slightly annoyed that Elric and Erekosë do not.

For Elric, the events of "Quest" are retold later from his viewpoint in The Sailor on the Seas of Fate. His second meeting with Corum and Erekosë was told in "The King of Swords" and will be retold by his perspective in Elric's own novel The Sleeping Sorceress (a.k.a. "The Vanishing Tower").

Erekosë is described by Corum in "Quest" as "a different one" from the Erekosë that he met previously. The difference probably goes beyond a simple failure to recall the events of "The King of Swords" and "The Sleeping Sorceress", since Corum does not think of this Elric as different from the one he met previously. It is probably fair to assume that the difference is in physical appearance or, at least, in personality.

That can be explained in various ways. Perhaps the simplest is that the Erekosê in "Quest" may be the incarnation that came before John Daker. When we first meet Erekosë in The Eternal Champion he has already had a distinguished career as humanity's champion, but we do not learn much beyond that. Perhaps at some point in that first career Erekosë experienced the events in "The Quest for Tanelorn".

The Erekosë in "The King of Swords" (and "The Sleeping Sorceress") is considerably more aware of his nature as a recurring Eternal Champion and even implies that he does not often think of himself by the name "Erekosë", therefore those events happen later than "Quest" from his viewpoint.


  1. The other two conclusions being The War Amongst the Angels and The White Wolf's Son.
  2. This edition has the incorrect subtitle 'The Chronicles of Count Brass'
  3. This edition has the correct subtitle 'The Chronicles of Castle Brass'


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