The Revenge of the Rose

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An Elric novel. The three parts are Concerning the Fate of Empires, Esbern Snare, the Northern Werewolf and A Rose Redeemed; A Rose Revived.

Publishing History (UK)

  • Hardcover, Grafton, 288pp., ISBN: 0-246-13734-7, 14 Aug 1991, Cover by Robert Gould
  • Trade Paperback, Grafton, 288pp., ISBN: 0-586-21501-8, 21 Nov 1991, Cover by Robert Gould
  • Mass Market Paperback, Grafton, 320pp., ISBN: 0-586-21120-9, 20 Aug 1992, Cover by Robert Gould

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Omnibus Publication

Publishing History (US)

  • Hardcover, Ace, 244pp., ISBN: 0-441-71844-2, Oct 1991, Cover by Robert Gould
  • Mass Market Paperback, Ace, 256pp., ISBN: 0-441-00106-8, Oct 1994, Cover by Robert Gould

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Omnibus Publication


Elric ventures eastward into the Valederian Directorates. Joining the forces of Anakhazhan, he destroys the Haghan'iin Host, then leaves, traveling toward Elwher. On the way, Elric is reunited with Lady Scarsnout, a Melnibonéan Dragon. She flies him to Melniboné to talk to the ghost of his father. Sadric's soul is trapped in an ebony box and he is doomed unless Elric can recover it. Elric is sent to the realm of the Gypsy Nations and meets Gaynor the Damned and a woman called the Rose.

One year after having been ejected from the realm of the Gypsy Nations (although no time has seemed to have passed to him), Elric is sent by his patron duke, Arioch, to a strange realm that features a lead-colored body of water called the Heavy Sea. Elric teams up with Prince Gaynor and Esbern Snare to discern the whereabouts of the Three Sisters, eventually finding a strange construction that imprisons the Chaos Lord Mashabak, Arioch's rival.

Using the power of the imprisoned Mashabak, Gaynor the Damned attempts to extend his rule across the realm. Elric, combining his power with that of the Three Sisters and the Rose, manage to defeat Gaynor and redeem his father's soul. Elric flies the Rose to Tanelorn on the back of a dragon.


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