The Sanctuary of the White Friars

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A trilogy in progress for Tor Books (USA) and Gollancz (UK).

A fantasy adventure rooted in autobiography, the trilogy follows a young man called Michael Moorcock and his relationships with the inhabitants of a secret realm, buried deep in the heart of London, called Alsacia



Mike Says

  • "Sanctuaries draws on some of the same history/mythology but is entirely different -- my own autobiography and semi-autobiography folded in to a pure fantasy story in which I'm the central character..."[1]
  • [On revisiting his childhood and early adulthood] "Very painful but also enlightening. Requiring me to face unwelcome facts. I felt a bit of a bastard. I was offered editorship of a national juvenile weekly at the age of 16. I began to realize how that happened and just how lucky I'd been to be born at that time of a mother like mine who encouraged my writing and musical ambitions. Some things I modified or left out so as not to hurt feelings."[2]