The Singing Citadel (story)

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The Singing Citadel, a novella by Michael Moorcock, featuring Elric, the albino prince of Melniboné. Its original publication was in 'The Fantastic Swordsmen', edited by L. Sprague de Camp and published by Pyramid Books in 1967.

Publishing History (UK)

Publishing History (US)

  • The Fantastic Swordsmen, (Pyramid Books, 1967) edited by L. Sprange de Camp (paperback)
  • The Singing Citadel, (Berkley, 1970) (paperback)
  • The Weird of the White Wolf, (DAW Books, 1977) (paperback)
  • The Elric Saga, Part I, Doubleday, 1983
  • The Weird of the White Wolf, (Berkley, 1984) (paperback)
  • The Weird of the White Wolf, (Ace, 1987) (paperback)
  • Elric: Song of the Black Sword, (White Wolf, 1995) (hardcover & paperback)
  • Elric: To Rescue Tanelorn, (Del Rey, 2008) (trade paperback)