The Time of the Hawklords

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The first novel of the Hawklords trilogy written by Michael Butterworth with plotting by Michael Moorcock.

Publication History (UK)

  • Hardcover, Aidan Ellis Publishing, 224pp., ISBN: 0-856280-30-5, Jul 1976
  • Paperback, Star, 254pp., ISBN: 0-352-39894-9, 1976

ttoth_ae76.jpg ttoth_star76.jpg

Publication History (US)

  • Paperback, Warner, ISBN: 0-446-59986-7, Feb 1977
  • Paperback, Collector's Guide Publishing, 192pp., ISBN: 1-896522-05-X, 5 Dec 1995

ttoth_warn77.jpg ttoth_cgp95.jpg

Mike Says

  • I think I wrote the opening paragraph of the first book. The publisher insisted on putting my name on it bigger than Mike's and that annoyed me, since one of the objects was to promote Mike's own work. That's since been rectified. But I never had any intention of writing the books and essentially see the entire project as being between Mike Butterworth and Hawkwind. It would be nice to see the whole trilogy appear one day![1]
  • I was very upset with the publisher. The agreement was that Mike Butterworth's name would, quite reasonably, go first and largest on the book. The plot was mostly mine, but the real work was by Mike B. I distanced myself from the books and the publisher once they broke our agreement.[2]



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