The Vengeance of Rome

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The fourth (and final) novel in the Between the Wars sequence or Pyat Quartet.

Publishing History (UK)

  • Hardcover, Jonathan Cape, 600pp., 0-224-03119-8, 5 Jan 2006, Cover by Stephen Parker
  • Trade Paperback, Vintage, 480pp., ISBN: 0-099-48882-5, 4 Jan 2007, Cover by Stephen Parker

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Mike Says

  • "Perhaps the most gruelling research, however, was for the last book, The Vengeance of Rome, which involved me immersing myself in Nazi material and realising that most academic or journalistic accounts of the Nazi period are almost incapable of studying the period outside the context of the Second world War. Most people who come to that study are either there to study the run up to the War. The Holocaust studies are more useful, but their focus is obviously on certain elements of the Nazi rise. I began to realise that very few people have studied the daily and emotional lives of the Nazis and for me much of the secret of their hideous careers is to be found there. I've used, for instance, details of the relationship between Hitler and Geli Raubal in other fiction, though I didn't give details of that relationship (merely used the results of my research) in Vengeance. I must admit I am very glad that long period of study is over. I have studied books, films and photographs for the past twenty seven odd years and while you can never rid yourself of those images, I hope never again to have to work at that level of familiarity with the Holocaust."[1]
  • "I began the books in the hope of finding some of the answers to how such a terrible crime could have been allowed to happen, in the hope that it would teach us how to stop it happening again. I am particularly concerned that many of us have not learned that lesson. Those of us who have learned it have a duty, I believe, to educate or resist those who haven't..."[2]

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