The War Amongst the Angels (novel)

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The third novel in the Second Ether trilogy. An autobiographical story narrated mostly by Rose von Bek but also by Jack Karaquazian as well as, in places, by a seemingly anonymous Third Person. Often no distinction is made between the different narratives beyond simple context and some chapters switch between narrators mid-stream. The novel also features chapters extracted from The Black Bess Library and Corsairs of the Second Ether.

Due to the way Rose travels through the multiverse, different timelines are intertwined in her narrative, with some scenes taking place in Georgian England as well as post-World War Two Britain. Her adventures take her from London to Yorkshire, Texas, Mirenburg, Paris, Las Cascadas, North Africa, New Orleans and the Second Ether. She marries at least four times; to Count Rudolph von Bek (from whom she acquires her title), Prince Lobkowitz, Edwin Begg (who gets her pregnant) and Horace Quelch. She also has a relationship with Sam Oakenhurst.

The novel was expanded, and in places revised, for the 1997 paperback edition.

The War Amongst the Angels serves as one of three possible conclusions to the saga of the Eternal Champion. The other two possible endings are in The Quest for Tanelorn and The White Wolf's Son.

Publishing History (UK)

  • Hardcover, Millennium, 247pp., ISBN: 1-85798-410-2, Aug 1996, Cover by Gustav Moreau; 2nd impression 1996
  • Trade Paperback, Millennium, 247pp., ISBN: 1-85798-411-0, Aug 1996, Cover by Gustav Moreau
  • Mass Market Paperback, Orion, 247pp., ISBN: 0-75281-079-0, Aug 1997, Cover by Gustav Moreau

twata-hc_mill96.jpg twata-tp_mill96.jpg twata_orion97.jpg

Omnibus Publication

Publishing History (US)

  • Hardcover, Avon, 298pp., ISBN: 0-380-97597-1, Nov 1997, Cover by Bill Binger
  • Trade Paperback, Avon, 298pp., ISBN: 0-380-78079-8, Nov 1998, Cover by Bill Binger
  • Audiobook, Crossroads Press, 2011, Read by Chet Williamson (MP3 download)

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Narrative Structure

  • Chapter 1 - Rose von Bek
  • Chapter 2 - Rose von Bek
  • Chapter 3 - Jack Karaquazian
  • Chapter 4 - from The Black Bess Library
  • Chapter 5 - Rose von Bek
  • Chapter 6 - 3rd Person Anonymous
  • Chapter 7 - 3rd Person Anonymous / Jack Karaquazian
  • Chapter 8 - 3rd Person Anonymous
  • Chapter 9 - Rose von Bek
  • Chapter 10 - from Corsairs of the Second Ether & Rose von Bek
  • Chapter 11 - Rose von Bek
  • Chapter 12 - Rose von Bek
  • Chapter 13 - Rose von Bek
  • Chapter 14 - Jack Karaquazian
  • Chapter 15 - Jack Karaquazian / Rose von Bek
  • Chapter 16 - 3rd Person Anonymous / Rose von Bek
  • Chapter 17 - Rose von Bek
  • Chapter 18 - Rose von Bek
  • Chapter 19 - Jack Karaquazian / Rose von Bek
  • Chapter 20 - Rose von Bek


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