The War Hound and the World's Pain

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The first volume in the Von Bek sequence by Michael Moorcock, featuring the Graf Ulrich von Bek. It is followed by The City in the Autumn Stars. It was originally published in the United States by Timescape.

Publishing History (UK)

  • Hardcover, NEL, 198pp, ISBN: 0-450-04912-4, 1982, Cover by Chris Achilleos
  • Paperback, NEL, 198pp, ISBN: 0-450-05603-1, 1983, Cover by Chris Achilleos

twhatwp_nel82.jpg twhatwp_nel84.jpg

Omnibus Publication

  • Von Bek, Millennium, 1992, (hc/tp), 1995 (pb)
  • Von Bek, Gollancz, 2013

Publishing History (US)

  • Hardcover, Timescape, 182pp, ISBN: 0-671-43708-9, 1981, Cover by Rowena Morrill
  • Paperback, Timescape, 182pp, ISBN: 0-671-83412-6, 1982, Cover by Rowena Morrill
  • Paperback, Pocket Books, 207pp, ISBN: 0-671-60409-0, 1985

twhatwp_time81.jpg twhatwp_time82.jpg twhatwp_poc85.jpg

Omnibus Publication

  • Von Bek, White Wolf, 1995, (hc), 1996, (tp)

Mike Says

  • "The editor of Timescape Books (American) wanted another book from me. I wanted to get away from straight sword and sorcery with imagined landscapes, so I wrote this one. There are another two in the pipeline, which follow on so to speak. Not the same characters, but the same family - the Von Bek. The second one is set some one hundred and fifty years on from The Warhound. It's in the period of the French Revolution. The books are set around the change from, as it were, the age of religion into the age of science. I'm finishing off the second one now and the third one is partly drafted. They're called The City In The Autumn Stars and Manfred; or The Gentleman Houri."[1]


  1. Interview with Michael Moorcock from Imagine Magazine #22, January 1985


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