The Warrior in Jet and Gold

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A Knight of the Balance. Brother of Orland Fank. A servant of the Runestaff. Encountered by Hawkmoon at various stages throughout his search for Malagigi, but first glimpsed by him as he rode to Castle Brass on his mission for Meliadus, the Warrior helped in the fight at Hamadan. Waiting for him in the Crimia when Hawkmoon crossed the Black Sea, the Warrior told him that Yisselda had been kidnapped and was at the Mad God's castle, along with the Red Amulet, which was rightfully his to bear. Appeared at Castle Brass after the Dark Empire had destroyed the towers surrounding the Kamarg and after the appearance of Elvereza Tozer. Also met Hawkmoon and d'Averc in Amarehk, telling them to travel to Dnark in search of the Runestaff, where he was apparently killed by Shenegar Trott's men.

Seen by Hawkmoon during the Battle of Londra as the Time Wind blew. Was among the Gathering of the Wise who waited for Hawkmoon and Jhary after Hawkmoon fell from the Silver Bridge.

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The Warrior in Jet and Gold & The Knight in Black and Yellow

In The Dragon in the Sword it is revealed that The Knight in Black and Yellow is Sepiriz. This might suggest that The Knight in Black and Yellow is not The Warrior in Jet and Gold as both Sepiriz and The Warrior were at the gathering of the wise in The Quest for Tanelorn. However, in the Multiverse anything is possible.