The White Wolf's Son

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The third novel in the Dreamquest or Oona von Bek or Elric: The Moonbeam Roads trilogy, also known as Son of the Wolf.

It also serves as one of three possible conclusions to the saga of the Eternal Champion. The other two possible endings are in The War Amongst the Angels and The Quest for Tanelorn.

Publishing History (UK)

  • Trade paperback & ebook, Gollancz, 352pp., ISBN: 978-0575106314, 28 Mar 2013


Publishing History (US)

  • Hardcover, Warner Aspect, 352pp., ISBN: 0-446-57702-2, 13 June 2005, Cover by Robert Gould
  • Mass Market Paperback, Warner, 432pp., ISBN: 0-446-61745-8, 1 September 2006, Cover by Robert Gould

Whitewolfsson_hc05.jpg WWS_0906.jpg

Omnibus Publication (US)


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