The World Below

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A region that exists on the antipodean side of Elric's world, known to its inhabitants as 'the World Above' (since they regard the Young Kingdoms as 'the World Below'). The people of Nassea-Tiki(?) discovered the sea passage that connected the two worlds centuries before Elric's time and learnt the means to construct galleys robust enough to endure the pressures of journeying over the edge of the world required to navigate the passage. Through their trade with the people of the World Below the Nassea-Tikrians grew wealthy and guarded the secret of their wealth so that most folk of the Young Kingdoms believed the World Below to be a legend.

Little is known of the World Below, save that it has a large sea mass and fewer inhabitants in comparison with the Young Kingdoms. Known ports are: Shug Banat, Apho, Selwing Aftra and Hizss. Beyond Hizss lies the Snow Islands and the Silver Coast.

The inhabitants of the World Below are mostly human although a few Phoorn, distant relatives of the Melnibonéans, also dwell there. The sister of Elric's mother, Lady Fernrath, was one such. Also her brother Addric Heed, who operated as a pirate slaver and kept their father, the Phoorn Hemric, a prisoner within his fort.

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