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Elric of Melniboné The Fortress of the Pearl The Revenge of the Rose Elric at the End of Time The Caravan of Forgotten Dreams The Dead God's Homecoming Black Sword's Brothers Sad Giant's Shield Doomed Lord's Passing Red Pearls

Mother London

Dek of Noothar

The Golden Barge

The English Assassin

The Ice Schooner


A Dead Singer The Greater Conqueror Behold the Man (novella) Good-bye, Miranda Flux Islands Waiting for the End of Time...

Behold the Man (novel) Breakfast in the Ruins

The Guv's

The Knight Of The Swords The Queen Of The Swords The King Of The Swords

The Bull And The Spear The Oak And The Ram The Sword And The Stallion

A Sword Called Stormbringer The Green Empress Of Melniboné

The Swords Of Heaven, The Flowers Of Hell

The City Of The Beast Lord Of The Spiders Masters Of The Pit

Phoenix In Obsidian

The Shores of Death

The Jewel in the Skull The Mad God's Amulet The Sword of the Dawn The Runestaff

Count Brass The Champion of Garathorm The Quest for Tanelorn

The Time Dweller Escape From Evening

Black Petals

An Alien Heat The Hollow Lands The End of All Songs Legends from the End of Time

The Winds Of Limbo

The Transformation of Miss Mavis Ming

The War Lord of the Air The Land Leviathan The Steel Tsar (original and revised version)

The Rituals of Infinity