Volospion's Museum

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Filled with objects of faith and worship. Including

  • the remains of Yawk, Saviour of Shakah, founder of a religion which spread to eighty planets and lasted 7000 years. His mortal remains consist of a feather-covered scrap of skin.
  • the gun which was used to kill Marchbank, the Martyr of Mars during the 25th century revival of the Kangaroo Cult
  • A wheel from Krishna's chariot
  • A tooth said to belong to the Buddha
  • One of the original tablets of Moses
  • Bunter's bottle
  • The sacred crown of the Kennedys
  • Hitler's nail?
  • the finger‑bones of Karl Marx
  • the knee‑cap of Mao Tse‑tung
  • a mummified testicle belonging to Heffner
  • the skeleton of Maluk Khan
  • the tongue of Suhulu
  • Filp's loin‑cloth
  • Xiombarg's napkin
  • Teglardin's peach rag
  • the coins of Bibb‑Nardrop
  • the silver wands of Er and Er
  • the towels of Ich – all the way from a world within the Crab Nebula.
  • the Holy Grail
  • Jissard's space-helmet
  • Panjit's belt