Von Bek (series)

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Perhaps the most convoluted of all of Michael Moorcock’s series as it spans many different types of work from fantasy to historical.

The original sequence consists of

together with


  • The Dragon in the Sword – which is volume three of Erekose’s series but has a von Bek in the role of the Eternal Companion.

Several stories were rewritten as von Bek stories

and stories in the Some Reminiscences of the Third World War sequence.

A number of new short stories were written with von Beks as characters

In 1995 Moorcock began the Second Ether trilogy which eventually expanded the von Beks into Becks and Beggs. Those were

and Michael Moorcock's Multiverse

Further novels and stories followed including

and the collections Lunching with the Antichrist and London Bone.

The von Beks also turned up in the guise of Rose in Jerusalem Commands and with Zenith the Albino and Sir Seaton Begg in the collection The Metatemporal Detective.

The series concludes with the Dreamquest trilogy