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A denizen of the End of Time. A morbid, bitter and unhappy giant of a man standing ten feet tall and inhabiting a dreary, dark domain in what was once India. He has an extensive menagerie and added Mrs Amelia Underwood to it after she appeared at the Duke of Queens' Great Fire of Africa party. Left with Yusharisp in a spaceship to spread his word of doom across what was left of the universe.

Finally tiring of the mission they returned to earth before Lord Jagged closed the time loop. Mongrove eventually married Werther de Goethe following the fad for marrying when Jherek Carnelian, Mrs Underwood, the Iron Orchid and Lord Jagged had returned to the End of Time.

He lives in Castle Mongrove - A dark, obsidian building dominating the surrounding perpetually cloud covered valley it is set in, located in the subcontinent of Indi and it has an extensive menagerie, which includes Guinness, ruler of the Irish Empire.

Built a version of Hell, which was supplied with devils, hellfire etc. It was responsible for the burning of Bulio Himmler's Bunkerworld 2 and the destruction of Jherek Carnelian's menagerie. Served a dish called Snort or Snout to Jherek Carnelian and Lord Jagged. He was unsure of the proper name.

Created Warm Snow Peaks when he was in a rare lighter mood. Jherek Carnelian, the Iron Orchid, Bishop Castle, My Lady Charlotina and Sweet Orb Mace were picnicing here when the Duke of Queens went by on his Hunt.

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