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A denizen of the End of Time and one of the very few who were actually born. Obsessed with death he always wears black or very dark clothing. Discovered Catherine Gratitude floating in a small boat on his lake and took her in to be his ward, only to discover, surprisingly to his pleasure, that he had been hoaxed. He continued to bear no ill will to those who had played the trick on him. Indeed, he was something of a changed man after the events. Married Mongrove following the fad for getting married when Jherek Carnelian, Mrs Amelia Underwood, the Iron Orchid and Lord Jagged had returned to the End of Time.

Werther resides in Werther's Tomb a vast black statue of Werther de Goethe lying dead, with a gigantic Angel of Death hanging over it and sorrowing women kneeling beside it. He also resides in Werther's pile , which is composed of tall, thin, dark towers and it stands on the pinnacle of a black, mile-high crag in permanent twilight. Part of his residence is the Romantic Precipice which is a waterfall foaming through fierce, black rocks. He created a landscape of a desert, a central sun and inverted above, winter mountains. Werther recreated, here and there in periodic phases the landscapes of William Holman Hunt, the English Pre-Raphaelite painter, one of which was destroyed by Emmanuel Bloom.

One of the rare entertainments put on by Werther de Goethe was called Rain. It was as dreary as it sounds. He also built a giant skull.

A book of fairy tales owned by Werther de Goethe contained the following characters, artefacts, beasts and places

  • Man Shelley - A famous harmonican.
  • Casablanca Bogard - A cyclops.
  • Acrilan Queen - Lover of Casablanca Bogard.
  • Big Sleepy - A dwarf who turned himself into a giant.
  • Mutinous Caine - A murderer.
  • Blue Angel - Sister of Mutinous Caine, murdered by him.
  • Eric of Marylebone
  • Odeon - A version of Hell.
  • Omnibus - A three-headed dog owned by Man Shelley.
  • Sam - A magic spade wielded by Casablanca Bogard.
  • Malted Falcon - Ferocious bird Casablanca Bogard rescued the Acrilan Queen from.
  • Hollywood - A version of paradise.

Werther also owns books by the ancient writers Uto, Pett Ridge, Zakka and Pyat Sink.

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Mike Says

'Werthe, I can say, was based strongly on writer Keith Roberts, for instance.'[1]