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"White Wolf" is a frequent alias used to describe Elric.

White Wolf Publishing

Best known for the World of Darkness RPG line, White Wolf Publishing began in 1991 with the merge of Lion Rampant with the staff of the White Wolf Magazine that began in 1986.

Between 1994 and 2000 it published a 15-issues series of Omnibus hardcover editions of Eternal Champion tales.

The first 12 of those were later published in softcover as well. The series resembles but is not identical to the earlier collection by Orion/Millenium.

List of Volumes in the While Wolf "Eternal Champion" Omnibus series

Contrasted with the Orion/Millenium series, the White Wolf version excludes The New Nature of the Catastrophe (Vol 9) yet introduces The Roads Between the Worlds (Vol 6) and Kane of Old Mars (Vol 9). It also changes the sequence of publicato of the volumes to a considerable extent.