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Daughter of Count Brass, wife to Dorian Hawkmoon and mother to their two children.

Engaged to Hawkmoon before he left to search for Malagigi, she was kidnapped and ended up a slave to the Mad God, before Hawkmoon rescued her and claimed the Red Amulet. She was captured along with Hawkmoon and Oladahn when they attempted to return to the Kamarg.

Later married Hawkmoon after he had rescued her. Joined Hawkmoon and the others at the Battle of Londra, fighting wearing a mirrored helm given to her by Orland Fank, returning to the Kamarg to rule with Hawkmoon after the battle was done.

After the blowing of the Time Wind, Yisselda had disappeared and Count Brass had taken her place as the only survivor of the Battle of Londra. Ilian discovered her in Virinthorm where she had been deposited because of Kalan's experiments and was being kept captive by him. Following the final battle between Ilian and Ymryl she was reunited with Hawkmoon after the Soul Gem had been destroyed. Missing after Hawkmoon fell from the Silver Bridge she was reunited with him in Tanelorn when Sword gave up his hostages.

In the original outline for The Jewel in the Skull she was named Iseulte[1].

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