Zaphra-Trepek River

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The main river system of Lormyr. It is navigable from the coast to at least as far south as Iosaz.

“Lormyr was famous for her great rivers. It was her rivers that had helped make her rich and had kept her strong. After three days’ traveling, when a light snow had begun to drift from the sky, Elric and Moonglum rode out of the hills and saw before them the foaming waters of the Schlan River, tributary of the Zaphra-Trepek which flowed from beyond Iosaz down to the sea at Trepesaz.”

“No ships sailed the Schlan at this point, for there were rapids and huge waterfalls every few miles, but at the old town of Stagasaz, built where the Schlan joined the Zaphra-Trepek, Elric planned to send Moonglum into town and buy a small boat in which they could sail up the Zaphra-Trepek to Iosaz where Theleb K’aarna was almost certain to be.”

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