Zenith the Albino

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Also known as Count Zodiac.

Most appearances of Zenith, particularly those in The Metatemporal Detective, are Elric during his Dreams of a Thousand Years.

Known as a jugador, a mukhamir, a player in the Game of Time.

In 'The Affair of the Seven Virgins' is known as Count Ulrich Rudric Renark Otto von Bek-Krasny.[1] Also given the titles: Elected Protector of Waldenstein, hereditary Prince of Mirenburg, Defender of the Grail, Bloodguard of the Holy Roman Emperor, King of Crete & Damascus, Order of the Moravian Hierarchy, Antagonist-in-Waiting to Pope Clement the Dane, Curator of the Ariochan Temple, Knight of Saint Odhran and Saint Mungo.

In the revised version of The Steel Tsar is known as Max von Bek, an albino and member of the League of Temporal Adventurers, known as Monsieur Zenith in Alexander Kerensky's Russia. Appeared at a meal given by Djugashvili, although he was only seen by Oswald Bastable, Una Persson and Cornelius Dempsey, when he appeared to have stopped time. He materialised again on the bridge of the Vassarion Belinsky while it was on its way to bomb Nestor Makhno's camp.

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  • The Prince of Crime
  • Le Phantom Blanc
  • King of the Night


  1. Count Zoran Ulrich Rudric Renark Otto von Bek-Krasny in The Metatemporal Detective version of the story